Hi there!

I’m Cara and welcome to my blog!

I am 20 years old, living in hot, humid, sticky Houston, Texasdon’t get me wrong though, I love it here!

I’m a full time college student and a part time waitress, as well as a full time cat lover. As it goes for most college students, I’m a total coffee addict. I can’t go a day without writing, and I love laying in bed for a ridiculous amount of time in the mornings. I’m a little bit dorky, a little bit silly, and a lot a bit all over the place.

Since I was about 13 years old, I’ve had a penchant for all things self improvement. While wading through the treacherous water of the unbearable life stage referred to as ‘being a preteen’, I noticed that there was so much stuff I wanted to try… and so little I was actually doing! As I got older, I realized, what better way to keep track of and hold myself accountable for all these things, than starting a blog about it?!

And here we are.

Onwards and Upwards. A blog all about trying to new things, opening your mind up to new hobbies and experiences, but most of all- doing things to be the person you want to be!

That is the overall goal here at O&U, however I will warn you… like I mentioned earlier, I am all over the place. So some days, I might post about trying a new hobby, or trying to change a habit I don’t like. Other days I might post something more like a journal post, or something about my life I want to share with you guys.

Thanks for reading, and don’t be shy, go ahead- click that little follow button and stick around! 😉

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh my goodness I think we may be like long lost friends! We have so much in common; I have always been told I am mature for my age and haven’t always fit in, I also have issues letting go and being reckless, and I also cannot ride a bike! Wow! This is fantastic! 🙂


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