Being Hit With A Creative Spark


Don’t you just love when that happens?

For a while there, I was feeling soooo drained. Blame it on school, or work, or a combination of both, or just my sheer laziness- I was feeling incredibly uninspired the past month or two.

Until recently.

It was kinda a domino effect. I read an article, that lead me to trying a writing exercise for my other blog, and then that got me looking on Pinterest for things, and there, I realized a ton of crafts caught my eye, and all of a sudden I had ideas whirling around in my head of how to decorate my little home.

It was a fun, shocking surprise!

With Summer coming up (after Tuesday, I am done-zo with the semester!!), I have been wracking my brain with ways to stay productive when I’m not working, since I will have so much more free time. I am pleased to say that free time will be spent with home projects (as well as my other blog)!

I’ve got a pretty long list of what I want to do to this place… so here goes nothin’.

  1. Re-organize the kitchen– which isn’t necessarily a mess but isn’t to my liking.
  2. Purge all the clothes I never wear, and donate them/throw them out if they’re too worn. This will finally free up space in my closet and dresser, which I am in desperate need of.
  3. Create fun designs with contact paper on the staircase wall in the living room. Renter probs– can’t paint! But, as I have seen on Pinterest, contact paper seems to be a god send.
  4. Do a fun DIY Ikea hack on a bookshelf for the living room. Again, using contact paper!
  5. Finally set up my vanity area/desk area in the bedroom, with the rolling cart from Ikea as well as some white drawers from Ikea.
  6. Get some cool art up on the living room walls- maybe even something I make myself?! Now that would be cool.
  7. Add a pop of color in the kitchen cabinets with… you guessed it… contact paper. Are you sick of me yet?? Haha.
  8. Do something with the bathroom. It’s awful. Tiny, and no storage, and not even a proper towel rack. This one will for sure be a challenge.
  9. Get some dang rugs, finally, and lamps, and other little small touches like that which make a house feel like a home.
  10. Organize our Harry Potter closet into a cleaning storage room. Bonus: Make DIY all natural cleaning products, and create my own cleaning caddy!


I think it’s pretty obvious that I have got a busy (and fun!) summer ahead of me, with all of these projects.

What is on your summer to do list? Share in the comments!

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