February Focus: Mind Wellness

February Focus

My January Focus was to try new things. Being quite honest, I wasn’t as successful or as organized with it as I intended to be. However, one of the things I did try was part of the inspiration for my February Focus.


We’ve all heard about it, we all have read about the facts and figures as to why it’s so darn good for you, yet very few of us actually venture off into the unknown and create a practice out of it.

I for one was always intimidated by, what seemed to be a very difficult thing to do. Quiet your mind? How on Earth do you do that, and how in the world is that supposed to fix all my problems???

I stumbled across a book, though, called Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. Some of you might be familiar with the blog post I already wrote about this book.


This little book has inspired my goals for the following weeks in two ways.

  1. Quite obviously, I want to get into a practice of meditation. I want to start working through the 8 week plan, and make room in my daily life for this practice of mindfulness. Friday, my weekly day off from school and work, will become my check in day. I will start the first week in the program this Friday, and the following Friday will regroup before I begin the next week. Ideally, I’d like to write and keep track of my progress here, but we’ll see how that goes.
  2. A slightly less obvious outcome- I want to read more. As a child and a preteen, I absolutely adored book. I have vivid memories of laying on the living room couch for hours just devouring page after page. At the time, I was very interested in cheesy preteen romance books, like the Twilight Saga, and I remember proudly bragging to all my friends that I finished Breaking Dawn in 14 hours- of straight reading. Nowadays, the only thing I can picture myself doing for that long is sleeping, playing sims, and studying.

    I can hardly remember the last time I read for pleasure, though. Which is depressing in a multitude of ways. This month, I want to finish reading one book.

    Yup, just one.

    If I set the goal too high, then fear of failure sets in. If I am vague about it, like “read more”, then it’s easy to ignore and forget about. Setting an achievable, concrete goal is the best shot I have at doing this. Besides- baby steps, right? I gotta slowly ease myself back into pleasure reading, one book at a time.


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