Catching Up | Vol. 1

Catching Up

I follow a lot of blogs that do a sort of check up either once a week, or once a month, or in whatever interval they choose- one of the most popular being the ‘taking stock’ type posts. I seriously love these. They’re fun, they’re simple, they’re personal- they really let you get inside the head of the blogger. So I figured why not start my own?

Traditionally, taking stock posts detail the “-ing” things in the blogger’s life- drinking, thinking, wanting, doing, etc.

I decided to call my version Catching Up, and my goal isn’t to detail a set list of things every post, but more so to focus on whatever is relevant currently, so I don’t force myself into a box with it. I want it to be a cozy chat about the goings-on in my life, hence the name Catching Up! Like we’re old friends talking over brunch.

Now that that’s all explained, let’s get started!

This past month was my first month back at school for the Spring semester. So far, classes are going well! I love my history class- my professor is great, and I am determined to do a lot better in French this semester. My two online classes are also going well, and I am doing a pretty good job of keeping up with them. I am also thinking about doing a post on how to handle online classes, so keep your eyes out for that.

Work has also been going well. I work at a locally owned burger restaurant located in a busy part of town. Most of our seating is outdoors, so through the winter (which in Houston is rainy and chilly, at best) business was okay, but inconsistent due to the weather. Now that it’s warming up, and Spring is finally peaking its head out, business has been crazy! The other day, we had a line the entire time I was there from 12-8pm. This is absolutely great for me, because I am a tipped bartender, so the busier we are the more money I make!

We also just got consistent work schedules, so my life will finally have some structure to it, hah! That will make it a lot easier to plan out homework and blogging time (which fell by the wayside since class started- sorry guys, I’m working on it!)

I am planning on doing some fun crafts too, pretty soon. I found a DIY hack to make your own Kate Spade inspired nesting boxes, and they are adorable so I just cannot resist. Seth also got me a Kombucha SCOBY for an early Valentine’s Day gift, so we are planning on making some Kombucha as soon as I get my fermenting jars back from my mom’s house. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I also have a post in the works of fun date ideas, which I am really really really excited about.

Something on my to-do list is to finish reading my mindfulness book and get started on the 8 week mindfulness program. Meditation has always been interesting to me, and this book makes it even more so. I can’t wait to get started- I even bought some chocolate bars for the first “chocolate meditation”- practicing mindfulness while eating. And I promise, I didn’t buy  it for any other reason.


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