Spring Semester Goals

I had my first class today, and so far, I feel great! I had history class today, and the professor seems like a very quirky individual, and also a challenging grader- something that always gets my blood pumping. I love a good challenge.

Maybe it’s just me, but I always start out the next semester with a bright outlook and optimistic goals for how I want the next 16 weeks to go. When I got home, I immediately pulled out my syllabi for my 2 online courses, looked over them, bought the books, and even wrote some important dates down in my planner.

Last semester didn’t go quite as I had hoped. My grades were the lowest they’ve ever been in my entire lifetime of schooling, and I skipped way more classes than I am happy to admit.

However, a lot of my circumstances have changed from last semester to this semester. I live a lot closer, I’m not taking any early classes (and in fact two online classes), and the job I am working is marginally less stressful. So far, I have set myself up for success.

With that, I got thinking about my goals for this semester.


  1. Don’t skip class. This is an obvious one. My main motivation for skipping last semester was being unable to wake up early enough to make it on time, after fighting my hour-long commute. Now that my commute is 15 minutes worth of city driving, and my earliest class is 11:30 AM, I no longer have any excuses (not that I really did last semester) for skipping. Skipping definitely negatively impacted my grades, which is unfortunate because it’s totally avoidable.
  2. Stay on top of my online classes. With online classes, there’s no physical classroom and physical time you meet or a physical teacher to remind you of due dates every week. It’s 100% up to me to keep up with that- with readings, and watching lectures, and taking notes, etc. Both of my online classes are for my major, so hopefully I enjoy them a little more than an average class, and hopefully that motivates me a bit more, too.
  3. Try and actually form a study/homework schedule. Last semester, I did manage to get in a nice routine of when I’d do my homework that fit well around my work schedule. This semester, though, I would also like to set up a study schedule. Particularly for my French class. It’s recommended to spend 5 hours a week (!!!) studying the material, so if I break that down into an hour a day Monday-Friday that will be more than manageable. I will also need to set aside time to dedicate to my online classes.
  4. Overall, make good grades. After last semester, I need to do some serious work to get my GPA back up to where I like it to be, starting with this semester.


Something my history professor briefly mentioned this morning in class was something to the effect of: You choose how much knowledge you gather. You can skim the textbook, or completely not read it, and skip class, but it ultimately only effects you. C’s in fact do get degrees, but you’re not doing yourself nay favors by just skating through. Take advantage of college and your professors while you have access to it all.

His words really stuck with me, and I really want to live up to that ideal this semester.


I got my desk all set up, my brand new planner, new notebooks, and a new folder on my computer dedicated to Spring 16. I am ready to rock this semester!


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