January Focus: Trying New Things

January Goal

My New Year’s resolution is to find my Authentic Happiness- similar to last year’s, which was to find and be my Authentic Self. The idea of setting a theme to the year instead of concrete goals is so much more appealing to me- how on Earth does anyone expect themselves to stick to the resolution “go to the gym three days a week” for 52 weeks straight? Or the undefined goals of “lose weight”? I think concrete goals like that are better accomplished over a shorter time frame, like go to the gym ten times in January, or lose 10 pounds in January. Hence why I go with my yearly theme instead.

However, having concrete goals for my month-to-month and day-to-day life would be nice, and I can’t seem to figure any out. Maybe the theme is a cop out because I have no clue what I want to focus on this year- besides being happy. I don’t have a narrow enough focus to pinpoint my goals. I’d like to be healthier, and maybe workout. I’d like to work on my anxiety. I’d like to assemble my life into more a routine. I’d like to constantly be learning and trying new things. I’d like to spend my free time more productively. I’d like to do better in school. The list goes on and on. My mind is just a jumbled, foggy mess right now, more than anything.

I guess my best bet is to start with baby steps, right? When things seem too big, too unachievable, to impossible- break it down, and go from there.

So…. I want to be more productive with my free time, and try/learn more new things. That is my main bother right now. Since I am on break from school, my free time has been abundant, but so has my Sims playing and sleeping. I’d rather do things besides lay in bed on my computer on my days off, y’know. That will be my January focus.

For me, I am slowly realizing that my optimal method of goal setting is having concrete methods of achieving those goals, and have a structure of when to work on it. I can’t just tell myself “try one new things every week for the next four weeks” and do it. If you can, kudos, and I am incredibly jealous! I, however, need to break it down a bit more. So let’s do that.

January Focus: Trying New Things

Goal: Try at least one new thing a week for the next four weeks

  • Potential things to try: yoga, drawing, walking, writing, knitting/crocheting, DIY projects, nutrition, journaling, meditating, photography, beer and wine, herb gardens, fashion & makeup

Plan: Each week pick at least one thing to try. On my days off that are weekdays, do the activity or learn about the skill. On weekends/days that I work, feel free to take a break if needed, or feel free to continue with the activity! If I try something and absolutely hate it, I can pick something else. The point here is to expose myself to new things, and just do something with my time. Aim for trying the new thing at least twice in that week. Once a new week rolls around, switch gears to another topic, but also feel free to continue on with the previous one if you enjoyed it. Take note of when you tried the activity and for how long, and what you did, i.e. read a book about it, watching a video, actually did it, etc. Just try to have no more non-zero days (post to come about non-zero days soon)!


So that’s it- that’s my plan. That is my goal/plan/resolution for the month of January. When this month is over, I’ll look back on my progress, and see where I’m at, and I will go from there in determining my objective for February. Going month by month like this, and adapting my plans to where I am at in my life I think will be the most effective goal setting method for me. It’s always easier to accomplish something if you’re motivated to do it and it’s at the forefront of your thoughts. Once this little experiment is over, I’ll see what is on my mind for improvement next month!

What are your goals or focuses for January? Let me know in the comments!

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