I am currently sitting at my tiny dining room table, sipping on some coffee I made, in the cold dining room area with my boyfriend’s cat curled up on the floor next to me. It’s my first day alone in the new place, and I couldn’t be happier.

The “living room” is currently covered in our latest DIY project- a post to come soon- and we still don’t have a couch. We’re using bathroom hand towels as kitchen towels and our bedroom still looks like a storage unit. And I love it all the same.

This place truly feels like mine, or rather, ours.

We went grocery shopping a couple days ago and our fridge is stocked with food we like, and put in the places we want it to be in. W’ve got so many visions for how we want our little place to look, once we finally have the money to bring it all together.

These first few days here have been great so far.

The first night, my sister and brother in law (who happens to be my boyfriend’s best friend) as well as my niece came over and we ordered in a pizza and sat around eating, drinking and talking. I was so excited- it was our first time entertaining people. My boyfriend went out to grab some more stuff for the place, and while he was gone, I put together a quick little table setup to make the place feel homey- despite there being boxes everywhere.


It was small and simple and impromptu, but I was proud of it, none the less.

The next day, my best friend came over, and my sister and niece came back over. Again, we ate and talked for a few hours- the common theme here, if you can’t tell, is hanging out in the dining room….. We still don’t have a couch, so our tiny (temporary) table and four chairs is all we have right now! Haha.

The first thing we did every time someone new came over was give them the tour…. so I might as well give y’all one, right?


First, of course, is the front door. Complete with our mail slot. Which is the tiniest detail, but I love it and I think it’s adorable.


We also have some cute little cacti in the front yard by the door.


When you first walk in, there’s the staircase. It leads to the second floor, which is like an open loft area in a finished attic. It has a giant closet too. We’re going to use the upstairs as storage/a room for his son.


When you’re upstairs, there’s little skylights on the roof, and we peaked out of one and realized we had a perfect view of the downtown skyline! It looks 1000x cooler in person, and especially at night. This was a fun little easter egg that reminded us just how freaking close we are to everything. It’s great.


Back downstairs is the living room. It’s small, and it’s cozy, but it’s got great, beautiful, big windows that let in an incredible amount of natural light, so I’m not complaining.


Next is the kitchen. It actually has a lot of room in it, but just no counter space- something we’ll have to figure out. However, it does have a gas stove, which is amazing. I haven’t had a gas stove in forever, and they’re so much better to cook with than electric. This house was built in 1930, so I’m kinda not at all surprised that it’s gas, but, whatever, haha.


My favorite part of the kitchen is our cabinets! On the right side there’s these guys. Super tall, window front cabinets. I’ve been plotting so many ideas to utilize these to my best design ability, and I am excited! We also have that cool little alcove above the sink.

I feel like the kitchen just has so much potential!

Dining Room

Directly across from the kitchen is our dining room. It’s small, and definitely cozy, but I love the shape it makes with the staircase, and the super industrial looking pendant light! I am already picturing a nice little gallery wall back there.

If you look on the right side of that image, you will see…..


Our Harry Potter closet!!! I love it. It’s adorable. And quirky. And now we refer to this place as the Harry Potter House. Mail slot, a closet beneath the stairs- what could be more British?


The bathroom is pretty snug, and being tall people, when my boyfriend and I sit on the toilet our knees touch the tub, but such is life, right? I guess? Maybe? Eh, we make it work. We stuck an IKEA Raskog cart in between the toilet and sink for more storage since there is literally zero in there. But, we are incredibly grateful that we have a washer/dryer!


Finally, we have the bedroom. Like the living room, it has big, gorgeous windows and lots of light. It’s actually way bigger than the living room too- which is kinda unfortunate for the living room, but I for one love it. I’m already thinking of different ways to set it up and position the furniture to make one side kinda blocked off to be an office area for us.

And that’s it! That is our little home. All the “before” photos. As we work on the rooms, and get them to our liking, I’ll be posing “after” shots and what not. Currently we are working on a dresser DIY for the bedroom, so once it’s done and all put together, I will be posting about that for you guys.

I’ve got a new job, a new home, and a newfound sense of my self, being in a place that I can really get comfortable in. I’m excited to see what life has waiting for me as I continue on this journey.


Do you guys have any little tips or tricks for moving out for the first time?
Absolute must-have items that you didn’t realize you needed at first?
Any design tips for my new, sweet little home?

Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. That is the most adorable place ever :). When I moved out for the first time I was so excited. My tip would be don’t be set on one way to rearrange the furniture. My roommates and I rearranged our living room probably 10 times in a month, then finally found what we liked. Also, less is often more!

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