Why DIY is Important to Me


I feel like such a flip flop, because a week ago I was talking about getting an apartment, and then a few days ago I was talking about how we lost said apartment, and now I am going to be talking about how we found another apartment (duplex, actually)! Haha. This one the deposit is paid and the property is taken off the market, so it really is ours. Aaaaand it’s like 10x cuter and more homey than the other place- of course. Everything happens for a reason, right?

One of the biggest reasons I am excited to move out is all the DIY projects I will get to do now that I have my own space! I plan to share them all with you guys, my awesome readers and followers.

I have always been intrigued by do-it-yourself projects, but have never had the space to do any. We don’t need a DIY coffee table, and my mom would kill me if I tried to paint any of her nice furniture. So I was kinda stuck to DIYing stuff for my bedroom- which is tiny and doesn’t have much space anyways! Hmph. I was basically losing in all directions with my DIY dream.

Now I am going to have a space that is all my own (and Seth’s, hehe) and we can do what we want with it! Thank god we have similar design styles, too, so it’s not hard to agree on things.

My heart is so happy that I get to DIY to its content. Painted dishes, hand stamped art work, crocheting throw blankets, homemade detergent, IKEA furniture hacks, up-cycling thrift store finds- all of it.

DIY projects hold a special place in my heart for a couple reasons.

  1. They make for a great story. Imagine someone asks you where you got that fabulous Mid-Century Modern end table, and instead of listing off some generic shop name, you get to ramble off into a story of buying some cheap IKEA dresser for $40 and spending the weekend staining it and changing out the hardware, or what have you. Included with all the fun bloopers and mess ups that go hand in hand with DIY projects.
  2. Going off of that, they are originals. No one will ever have quite the same piece, or quite the same color as you. It’s special. It has character. It’s quirky, even.
  3. They make a house into a home. You are putting your blood, sweat and tears-sometimes literally- into making something special for your house. Maybe you’re working on it with your significant other, or your kids, or your best friend. You’re putting a soul into it, even if it’s something simple like a potato-stamp print or staining an old table. There are memories and fun times behind every single DIY project.

Do you like to DIY? What are some of your favorite projects? Let me know in the comments!

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