Self-Love Tip of the Day: Getting out of Bed Makes all the Difference


We all sometimes have one of those days. You’re exhausted, drained, have zero motivation to do anything, you refuse to change out of your pajamas, and you’ve spent all day in bed.

What makes these days even worse is they usually fall on a day where you actually need to get a lot done. Such as life, right?

I for one had one of these days today actually. I have a final to study for and a 1500 word essay to write, but instead of actually starting either one of those to-do list items, I laid in bed on social media and playing the Sims 4. I also took an hour long nap, despite getting a full nine hours or sleep last night.

I think it goes without saying that I was feeling pretty bad about myself.

The day was passing by quickly, and the due date for my essay was creeping up faster and faster- so I decided to finally do something.

Get out of bed.


That’s it.

I got out of bed. And y’know what? It helped a lot. I think laying in bed keeps your brain in the state of “sleep” and “drowsy” and getting out of bed is that click to let your brain know it’s time to get up and be a functioning human.

After I was out of bed, I felt a lot better. I drank a big glass of cold water and put on a pot of coffee- both of which definitely helped, too.

What definitely did not help was moping in bed feeling bad for myself for wasting my day away. I have a bad habit of doing that sometimes, I can admit it. It’s like a cycle. First, you wake up, get on your phone, and waste an hour on Instagram and Snapchat. Then you rationalize, well I’ve already been in bed for an hour and it’s so warm and cozy, so I might as well stay in bed. And it gets worse from there.

It is okay to have these days, so I’m spreading this important reminder to go easy on yourself when you’re not meeting your own expectations of productivity. Just remember, even accomplishing one thing is better than zero. Make that one thing getting out of bed. And go from there.

I promise, you’ll feel 1,000x better.

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