Big News Everyone…


Next week, I just might be saying “hello” to my first apartment!!!

I don’t even know where to begin!

So many big changes have been happening in my life, as of late.

I guess before I get into the juicy details of the apartment, I’ll start with my job.

I am a waitress at a pretty busy Tex-Mex restaurant, and I work about 25 hours a week there, and I can pull about $300-$400 a week in tips. All seems fine and dandy right? Wrong. It is the most stressful job I have ever had, the money can be super inconsistent, and at times it is very inflexible with my schedule. I have found myself having anxiety about going to work sometimes, that gets so bad I cry. I dread going to work. This job was killing my spirit one shift at a time.

So I quit. I have four more days of work, and then nada.

Instead, I will be working at a burger restaurant owned by a family friend, as a ‘bartender’- aka I take peoples orders and serve them beer/wine and milkshakes. This is also a tipped position, and so far I’ve heard the tips are really good! Plus, the amount of work and stress is going to be minimal to waitressing. I have also been thinking about talking to the owner about training me into management after working there a few weeks. We’ll see.

One little detail about this job situation… my new job is in the city, about 30 minutes from my house. I figured I’d just work days that I am already up there for class, and then the money  I’d make on weekends would more than make up for the gas.

As for the apartment situation….

Well, my boyfriend and I have been talking about moving out together for a while now. Our original plan was when his house sold, he would pay down all his debt, we’d both save up a good chunk of cash, and move out hopefully by summer.

His house finally sold a week ago, and they’re about to go through the closing process. Today, he randomly decided to email the lady we were thinking about renting from to ask if she had any available units- just out of curiosity.

Low and behold…. a 2 bedroom unit just got freed up, and she’s just gotta slap some paint on the walls and she’s listing it on the 9th for $1,000 a month… next week.

For those of you unfamiliar, $1,000/month for a 2 bedroom apartment inside the loop in Houston is unheard of. As soon as she lists it, it’ll be gone. We’re going to look at the place in person on Thursday, but from the pictures it looks pretty nice! Spacious, with a big window in the living room, clean looking bathroom and kitchen- only downside is the tile is a little eh, but oh well. That’s why rugs exist, right?

But y’all, it is the perfect deal.

I did not wake up this morning expecting to go to bed thinking about all the things we’d need to buy for an apartment.

I am this weird concoction of excited and super nervous.

Excited to move out and be on my own. Excited to be living with my boyfriend. Excited to be living in the city, with hardly any commute to school or my new job. Excited to finally feel like an adult.

Nervous about having real bills. Nervous about being 100% responsible for feeding myself, and cleaning up after myself. Nervous about making enough money to save as well as spend. Nervous about how living together will effect mine and my boyfriend’s relationship.

We still haven’t officially talked about it in person, since our schedules didn’t match up too well today. I’ve already sent him an email full of links to couches I like, though, hah!

It’s just so much to think about, and I can barely even comprehend it, and it’s all happening so fast! It feels like everything fell into place all at one, and I’m just trying to catch up to all these changes.


Any advice or tips for moving out for my first time/moving in with a significant other? Thanks y’all, I could use all the help I can get!

12 thoughts on “Big News Everyone…

  1. That is so exciting!! And oh my goodness that is SUCH a great deal on rent! I know that area is $$expensive$$! My sister lives in the Galleria area and I know what she pays for rent and yikes it’s a lot, so that is awesome for you guys!!!

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  2. Congratulations lady! That is so exciting!! It definitely is a reality check moving out on your own…. having so many bills really was hard for me to manage at first, so I got myself a calendar and wrote out when each bill was due so I could plan with each check what needed to be paid. I still actually use this process 5 years later!! Can’t wait to hear and see more!!

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    1. That’s a great idea! We’ve got this cool little white board calendar, so that would be perfect for writing out bills! The boyfriend has also said I need to start keeping better track of my money, which is true, so we’ll see how that goes haha.

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