5 Things To Do Outside on a Pretty Day


I woke up this morning to a beautiful day outside here in Houston, TX! It was in the 80’s (trust me, that’s cool for here), low humidity (all but unheard of this time of year), and a nice breeze. In a word, perfect. All thanks to a cold front that brought copious amounts of rain, but the payoff of a few beautiful days was worth it.

What better way to spend a beautiful day than outside?!

Here’s some of my favorite ways to enjoy post cold-front Houston!

  1. The most obvious- spend lots of time outside! I personally parked far away from my classes, partly because all the close spots were taken… But I also really actually enjoyed my trek across campus this morning. It gave me a few extra minutes outside, enjoying the great weather.
  2. Sip some coffee. I am an avid coffee drinker, specifically hot lattes. I’m deterred from ordering them though when it’s a billion degrees and 10,000% humidity outside, so days like these give me a wonderful excuse to indulge in the seasonal salted caramel mocha from Starbucks. Not that I need an excuse to drink Starbucks… it just makes me feel a bit more justified! Hehe.PicnicStock
  3. Pack a picnic. Find yourself a nice spot on the grass, and eat! Beautiful weather, and delicious food- what more could a gal want? Am I right? (Can you tell how much I cherish these pretty days, yet? I bet you can tell how rarely they come along..)
  4. Read. Grab a good book and pick a shady spot underneath a tree and just get lost in the pages. This also goes for homework, which is worlds more tolerable when you’re outside and not in the confines of the library or at a desk!TakePhotoStock
  5. Take photos. Document the day with some photos to remember it by. Go on a hike with some friends and take silly ones, or artsy ones, or selfies to post on instagram so you can show your friends see, I do go outside sometimes!

Thank you unsplash.com for the beautiful stock photos!

8 thoughts on “5 Things To Do Outside on a Pretty Day

    1. Yes!! I have been meaning to have a picnic before winter sets in- which won’t be until December at the earliest here in Texas, and even then… Lol. Picnics are so fun though! When you go on one, you should make a blog post about it 🙂

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