October Goals Recap


Yes, it is November 2nd, I know that- bear with me.

I took a short break from blogging, because I was so overwhelmed with everything going on in my life, but I am itching to get back to you guys! Blogging, and writing in general, is the life blood of my soul, and brings me more peace and happiness than anything else I’ve done, so there is absolutely no way I could go without for too long of a time without losing my head.

As a gentle reintroduction to blogging, I decided to start off with a goals recap of last month. Beware, it’s a little rough.

  1. Maintain my time management. I will say I actually have done this! I really settled into a schedule of doing homework, going to the dry cleaners, my work schedule finally balanced out, and my boyfriend and I have study dates most weekdays that I am off. It feels nice having a time to do all the things I need to. However, I still feel like I don’t have enough time, which I will be addressing in my November post, which will be coming soon.
  2. Work on preparing for class the night before. Yikes. I am almost embarrassed to admit this, even to a bunch of strangers on the internet, but during October, if anything, my goals should have been to actually attend class…. Because I definitely skipped a ridiculous amount of them. The days I did go, I did a decent job of preparing, but I don’t call that accomplishing this goal at all. Oops.
  3. Go to sleep earlier. Haha. Just…. haha. No.
  4. Work on my smashbook. I actually did start it! I made a post here about the supplies I bought for it. I haven’t done any pages in it yet, but just because I am lazy and haven’t gotten around to getting my photos printed. I plan to make a post about possible page ideas, just to help keep myself motivated and as a reminder of the ideas that I think of.

I intentionally made my October Goals list short, in hopes that I would really commit to them. I didn’t. Needless to say, I don’t feel so great about that. In the past week, I have been thinking a lot and trying to figure out a lot of things, and I have come up with a new way to approach my goals for November. What it comes down to is I am not happy with how things are going, and my lack of accomplishment lately, so the only answer is to change how I’m doing things, right? Like I hinted at earlier, I’ve got a post coming up soon about my November “Goals” (the quotes will make sense, promise) where I will be tackling that, so stay tuned!

How did your goals for October go? 

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