Why I’ve Been MIA


Missing in action.

For me, more like missing, inaction.

That’s what I’ve been doing these past few days. Nothing.

I’ve been skipping class a lot lately. I can’t fathom doing anything besides things that take no mental effort.

Stress is overrunning my life, and I have no idea what to do.

It’s a cycle. I’ll be okay for a few days, then I’ll collapse and spend a day in bed feeling sorry for myself and feeling overwhelmed, and then I’ll write a bit, do some small productive things and read inspiring materials and feel better for a few days. Only for the cycle to repeat.

I dread easy, quick assignments. I dread working. I dread having to do anything that deals with responsibility.

I wish I could just drop out of life for a couple of weeks, and have absolutely nothing on my to-do list. Which is ironic, because having nothing to do makes me as equally depressed and confused. Basically, I have no clue what I want or need to feel better.

I am trying to figure out how to fix all of this, and get my life in order. Because of that, blogging has taken a slight backseat in my priorities. As this is a blog dedicated to self improvement, once I get my head back on straight, I will be eager to come back and share my experiences with you. Honestly, I haven’t even been doing anything worth a blog post lately anyways.

I hate that this is happening, but I know I’ll figure it out.

What are some of your best ways to deal with stress? Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been MIA

  1. Thanks for being open and honest! It’s hard to deal with the crap we go through. I just wrote a blog about Learned Helplessness. I do as many small steps as possible. Stress for me is not being in control in life, at work, in marriage etc. So what I do is pray, listen to soft worship or classical music(which is what I’m doing as I type). I also try to spend a few minutes in my car by myself after work. I also do what I love which is reading and writing. Reading gives me a reprieve from my life and I can experience a life on paper. It’s my downtime. I choose to have hope for a future doing what I love while at the same time living in the moment with childlike wonder and grace.

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    1. Thank you for your response! I’ll have to check out that post of yours. And yes, writing has always been a solace of mine as well. I really need to get back in the habit of writing for writings sake and not to fulfill any kind of purpose. Reading too! Happiness really is a choice, and I am working towards making the right choices for myself and for my life. Thanks for your insight! 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear how stressed out you are lately… When I am feeling super stressed music and reading helps to take my mind elsewhere and check out from reality for s bit which is always helpful to me. Good luck, sending you positive vibes!


  3. Girl, I COMPLETELY know what you are going through. I am going through it too! It sucks when we get down and you are completely right in the fact that all we want is nothing to do yet we feel worse when we have nothing to do. It is a lose-lose situation, but I know you will make it through. I’m not out of feeling this way either, but I try and focus on the good days even if it was good only for a moment. I’m here for you no matter what! ❤

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