My Makeup Routine

Before we get started here, let me be the first to admit- I do not wear makeup often.

I am lazy. I hate waking up early just to put it on, and I hate having to remember to take it off at the end of the night, or else risk some new pimple friends in the morning.

I wear makeup when I go to work 9 times out of 10, because who wants a sleepy, just-rolled-out-of-bed lookin’ waitress? I love how makeup can make me instantly look awake, alert and put together. I love how I can highlight assets like my eyes or my cheekbones, or make my eyebrows look fuller with just a couple (okay, a lot) brush strokes.

I also love the effortless, weightless, clean feeling of a naked face, and especially if I’ve worn makeup a lot lately, I love taking a “rest day” for my skin.

I couldn’t in good faith title this my “daily” makeup routine, for that reason. This is my basic routine, however, and the origin of all my makeup looks.

First, the blank canvas. My naked face!


After washing my face, or before putting makeup on, I always make sure to use a toner and moisturizer. This creates a good base for your makeup, and helps keep your skin from getting too dry.


I spritzed on my DIY toner water and slathered on my Neutrogena Healthy Skin moisturizer.


Next of course, is foundation. I use Sephora brand liquid foundation, and apply that initially with a stipple technique with a big, dense Sephora brush. I then go over it with Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation with a buffing motion. The lady at Sephora who helped me pick these out told me that the stipple motion pushes the product into your skin so it stays better, and the buffing polishes the look off to make your skin look airbrushed.


My post-foundation, pre-everything else face. I know. A made-up face without defined eyebrows or lashes looks so weird.


Speaking of eyebrows… they’re up next! I seriously love filling in my eyebrows. So much. I think it’s the best trend to ever happen. I currently am using the elf Eyebrow Kit in Dark. I apply it with the brush that is included, which is actually a pretty solid little brush, considering the whole thing only costs $3. I am looking to invest in a better eyebrow product, and in the past I have really liked the Anastasia Beverly Hills pencils, but right now I am strapped for cash, and this elf product works pretty well for the price!


There’s my eyebrows! See, so much better already.

After my foundation and eyebrows come the finishing touches.


I use a Sephora brand blush/highlight/bronzer with an elf brush. I run the darkest pink color along my cheek bones, the lighter pink just above the blush, and around my forehead area as an illuminator, and of course the bronzer along my jawline- making sure everything is blended.

For eyeshadow, the only pallet I really have right now is Too Faced’s Boudoir Eyes. Pallets are expensive okay. However, I seriously love this one. It’s soft, romantic colors, and they all go really well with my fair skin. For this look, I swiped In The Buff just under my eyebrows, and then used Birthday Suit on the entirety of my eyelid. I kept it simple, and didn’t use any other colors.


For mascara, I currently use two. Both are L’Oreal Voluminous. One is Million Lashes, the other is False Fiber Lashes. I love this line of mascara. The Million Lashes obviously makes my lashes look thicker, while the False Fiber give them length. Perfect duo.

For this look, I skipped on the eyeliner, and kept it simple. Again, this is my basic makeup routine, and something along the lines of what I’d wear to work.




And here’s one in natural outdoor light!

Overall, if I hadn’t been taking pictures, this would have probably taken me 10-15 minutes to complete. It’s an easy, yet put together look and this is definitely my go-to.

What are some of your makeup staples? How do you alter your look to keep it simple? Let me know in the comments!

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