Authentici(tea)… get it? Because… tea…? Yeah? No? Ok.

The other day on Instragram, my sister tagged me in one of those silly “post 20 random facts about yourself” posts. I had nothing else to do, so I went ahead and did it. Plus I had a cute picture to upload with it.

I sat in bed with my boyfriend contemplating what to write. What makes me me? What is really interesting about me? I didn’t want to put things like “I like coffee” or “I love sweaters on cold days” because it just didn’t seem unique enough. For whatever reason, I was compelled to really put effort into this silly IG post.

It took about 15 or 20 minutes, but I finally figured out my list.

This is what I came up with

1. I love The Sims
2. I am really interested in extreme weather so I’ve been keeping up with this hurricane Patricia.
3. I love blogging, and I have a blog.
4. My favorite animal is a fox- I even have a tattoo of one.
5. I lived in New Mexico for a year and went to UNM.
6. I used to want to be an interior designer and I love creating interior spaces.
7. My dream job (one of them) would be to have a small scale indie literary magazine publication.
8. No, I am not a natural red head. I wish.
9. I love cats. I’ve been known to get emotional around extra snuggly ones.
10. I like cooking and baking, but when I do have a weird quirk where I like to do everything I can from scratch. I even made my own mascarpone cheese once.
11. I like to think of myself as a creative person, even though I’m not very artistic.
12. I love writing, and would love to be published one day.
13. I’m really good with money- it’s seriously difficult for me to talk myself into spending money but so easy to talk myself into saving it. A blessing and a curse.

14. My whole life people have thought I was older than I really am.
15. My ideal life one day is to either make enough money blogging or have enough money to retire so I can stay home. Then I’d spend my days writing, blogging, reading, DIYing, refurbishing furniture, cooking, etc.
16. I get stressed out pretty easily but I’m also really good at figuring my shit out to fix it.
17. I can’t stand having a messy room for too long- over a week and I start feeling like my whole life is a mess.
18. I suck at painting my nails.
19. I am very non biased and love to discuss and debate things.
20. I am going to vote (for the first time) for Bernie Sanders

I got a couple likes on the post, but within a few minutes I also got a comment. It was from an old friend that I haven’t seen since we were maybe 10 years old or so. She commented about how we haven’t seen each other in a while, but she was happy to see that I was staying authentic to myself and not trying to be something I wasn’t or hide behind a lifestyle or partying, and what have you, like many people our age do now.

It was easily the nicest, coolest compliment I have ever gotten. To be called authentic, to have someone tell you that just by being yourself you are inspiring them, is an amazing feeling. Especially considering I can barely inspire myself sometimes. It’s silly, and I know I don’t and shouldn’t need it, but it really validates what I am doing, so I can know I am in fact on the right track.

No, I don’t really like partying- not in the way that most people my age do. I don’t have interest in getting messed up crazy drunk or high, or whatever people do. I don’t spend my entire paycheck the day I get it. I really like staying home and playing Sims or hanging out with my boyfriend and having study dates. Sometimes, I feel like I might be boring. But on the other hand, I’m also doing things I love. I spend my time writing and reading and spending time with people I care about. Soon, I’m going to have a precious niece to spoil and spend time with. I have a history of regretting things that happen when I stray from this most authentic version of myself.

The things I find happiness and pleasure in are just different from most 20 year olds. I don’t have a very strong desire to sneak into bars, or have people buy me drinks, or get drunk and go dancing. I’d rather dress up nice and go to dinner at a fancy restaurant and have a glass of wine, or go shopping, or have a spa day at home with Lush bath products.

I am working on me. I’m not working on fitting in or being trendy. I am working on finding what makes me happy, and doing it. I am working on loving myself and being happy with what I do. I am working on achieving goals I have set for myself. I am working on things like being a morning person, and eating healthier, and being more active, and having more hobbies, and doing more DIY projects, and acquiring a clean and classy wardrobe.

It’s empowering to hear that someone looks up to me in that respect. It fuels my desire to be myself, even more- because sometimes I do waver, just as any human does.

I think authenticity is important. There’s so many famous quotes I could spout out right now about being “you”. Whether you love partying, or staying in with a good book, or binging Netflix or going to the gym every day, it doesn’t matter, as long as you love it, just do it. Life is way too short to try and be anything you’re nothing.

How do you try to live with authenticity? What are some weird quirks you have that you own? Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Authentici(tea)

  1. This is such a great post! I relate to all of it. I always feel like i’m “boring” or just straight up lame for staying in on a Friday or Saturday night, lighting a candle and reading a book. I always struggle with finding what’s interesting about myself too.. As you said just have to do what you love because life is too short to force yourself to do things you don’t enjoy just because everyone else is! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Exactly. (: I can’t remember the time I’ve opted to go out on a weekend instead of staying in and being cozy or cooking dinner with my boyfriend or something. It’s just so much more fulfilling for people like us!

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  2. I love everything about this post!! I’m so similar. I’m 21 and have never been into the drinking, drugs, bar scene. In the past few weeks I’ve started in a journey of just accepting and loving quirky, different, unique little me. Your post perfectly encapsulates what that journey is about. You go girl xx

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