Meet My Coloring Book

Yup, you read that right.

Coloring book.

I’m actually 8 years old.

On a more serious note though, coloring has actually been toted as a stress relieving, mindfulness achieving activity these days.

Obviously, like any other kid, I used to love coloring. When I hit about 10th grade or so, I was going through a pretty stressful period in my life, and one day while I was at the store with my mom, we walked by the book section and a Disney Princess coloring book caught my eye. I went ahead and snagged it. My mom even offered to get me the big 64 pack of crayons to go along with it. I was maybe 15 or 16 years old, so I felt a bit foolish, but I was also excited. Coloring in those princesses was relaxing and helped my clear my head, and I loved it.

Flash forward to 2015, and it’s all the rage now! Except, not Disney Princess coloring books. It’s this new trend called “adult coloring books”, which I promise aren’t as erotic as they sound. The images in these books are beautiful and usually intricate, and geometric in some way, and very reminiscent of henna designs.

As I have been going through another stressful period in my life, I decided to hop back on the coloring book bandwagon, but this time with a “real”, “adult” coloring book. Pfft.

So I ordered a gorgeous one filled with illustrations of animals!


This book is insane. It has something like 33 different pictures to color in, and has a range of difficulty in intricacy of the designs.

Here’s a few of my favorite pages in the book:

Fox- literally I checked to see if this book had a fox before I bought it!
Fox- literally I checked to see if this book had a fox before I bought it!

Have you ever tried coloring for therapeutic reasons? Do you have any favorite coloring books, or suggestions for markers/pens/pencils? Let me know in the comments!

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