Wishful Wednesday: My Pinterest Dream Apartment

Moving back into my parents house over summer after spending last year in a dorm was challenging to say the least. From day one, I was ready to move back out on my own. Of course, money wouldn’t allow that, so I stayed put.

However, lately my boyfriend and I have been discussing moving in together, and moving into the city. Campus is in the city, and so is his job, so it would make sense for both of us (and I can easily transfer restaurant locations closer to the city). We’ve been perusing available apartments for a few weeks now, and have our sights set pretty seriously on this one specific building that is manager by my sister and brother-in-law’s old apartment manager. It’s also incredibly affordable for the location! We both still have some financial things to work out before we’re comfortable moving in together, but right now we’re aiming to be ready by summer!

So, naturally, I have been scouring Pinterest for inspiration for my Dream Apartment.

We both love mid-century modern style furniture, and have a deep love for modern yet industrial looking designs. He’s into Scandinavian design, and I’m into bright colors. So that’s basically everything I pinned, and have to show y’all today.

6 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday: My Pinterest Dream Apartment

  1. Those look super cute!! I love midcentury modern, that is definitely my dream style (however my current apartment is still riddled with leftover college stuff, Ikea furniture, and nick-knacks galore. Maybe when I buy a house I will finally get my ‘dream’ space!

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    1. I’ve actually seen a lot of Pinterest tutorials of turning cheap IKEA furniture into mid century modern inspired pieces! That’s my plan until I can afford to real stuff haha. You should check it out!


  2. LOVE THIS!! You make me want to go Pinterest crazy! I am actually hoping to get my own studio apartment next year and going to IKEA is a great idea!! Have you done any refurbishing or whatever where you find cheap pieces and then change the fabric to what you like??

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    1. I haven’t but I want to so bad! Every time I drive around a neighborhood I scour for good condition furniture to re do! Same with thrift stores. It’s just hard because right now I don’t have my own place to store everything.. Haha. And I don’t think my parents would be too crazy about an extra dresser or table lying around the house.. Haha. However as long as you have the right tools refurbishing basic things like chairs doesn’t seem so hard! Go for it! 🙂

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