Meet My Tattoos

Today I figured I’d share the stories about my tattoos with y’all.

I only have two, with no solid plans to get more (although my sister and I have talked about getting sister tattoos, that had been put on hold since she got pregnant!).

The first thing people always ask about my tattoos is “what’s the story behind it?”. My pieces do have a sense of importance to me, but I do not believe that tattoos need some long, drawn out story behind them. I look at tattoos as commissioned art, that just so happens to be on my body forever. I place much greater importance in the artist and the quality of the art than on the ‘story’ behind it.

Without further adieu….



My very first tattoo. Also, I promise I don’t have a farmer’s tan, that’s just the lighting. I don’t tan, like, at all.


I drove four hours on a rainy New Years morning last year with my sister and brother in law to a town outside of Dallas, TX just to get this piece from an artist I highly admire. His name is JWhitt- look him up on IG and Facebook if you’re interested! He is phenomenal. As you can see, he does an amazing job with the watercolor style, which was the style that made me just ache to get a tattoo!


As far as the actual image goes, foxes are my favorite animal and the little girl reading a book is kinda supposed to be me. This piece is very whimsical and sweet and just reminds me of childhood, and being young and innocent.

I actually get so many compliments on this piece, and by people I never would have expected to like tattoos- like little old ladies. I also get asked a lot if it’s real because it doesn’t have very heavy line work like traditional tattoo styles. But that’s what Josh is good at!

My second tattoo I only just got a few weeks ago. It is a tribute piece to Texas and New Mexico.


Please excuse my super swollen leg. I don’t have any healed pictures, because the blue gem in the middle scabbed up a tiny bit and got ripped off in my sleep, so now I’m waiting to get a touch up on that. So this one will just have to do.

Anyways, I got this piece by another phenomenal artist, but this time right around the corner from where I live. However, I still managed to make a spectacle of myself because the entire three months I was waiting for my appointment, I was convinced it was a Tuesday….. it was actually a Monday. So the day of, I had just gotten back to this side of town after getting out of class and randomly decided to check my email, and saw my artist had sent me an email asking if I was coming in still!

I freaked out, rushed over there, and endured the most painful four hours of my life. I barely made it through. I seriously almost passed out, I’m pretty sure. I also hadn’t eaten. Once all was said and done though, it looked awesome and I treated myself and my boyfriend to celebratory Whataburger.

The fun part was the healing- my whole thigh was swollen for almost 6 days, it hurt to walk, I missed a day of class, and rescheduled a training shift at work because I literally couldn’t wear pants and could barely walk.

I got this tattoo not only for the artist, but to commemorate the two places I have considered home- Texas and New Mexico. Obviously, I was born and raised in Texas. However, I spent the best and most formative year of my life in the Land of Enchantment, and Albuquerque will always have a special place in my heart. Due to financial reasons, I was unable to return to New Mexico for school, so here I am, back in Houston- which is cool, because I love it here.

So there you have it. The stories behind my tattoos.

Fun fact- I also have a third tattoo…. kinda. It was a stick and poke tattoo (google it) a friend gave to me my freshman year of college. Let’s just say alcohol was involved. It’s on my foot, the side of my heel specifically. It is the alchemical symbol for silver (also google it) and the line lengths don’t match up, and I plan to probably get it covered up or at least fixed up one day, haha.  Guess I did have a rebellious phase, huh?

Do you have any tattoos? Any fun or interesting stories behind them? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Meet My Tattoos

  1. This is such a fun post! I’ve been dying to get a tattoo and I just didn’t know where to go because well, it’s permanent and what if it comes out all crappy! I’ll have to look up this JWhitt person (I live in Dallas and your tattoo looks amazing!)


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