SmashBook Step One Complete: Gathering Supplies

For those of you who don’t know, one of my October goals was to start a smashbook!

Smashbooks are a new trend in scrapbooking. The concept behind them is they’re supposed to be quick and easy and portable so you can “smash” your photos and captions in whenever, without having to worry about an elaborate scrapbooking spread.

When I was younger, my mom loved and was awesome at scrapbooking, and it was something I always envied! I still treasure our awesome family photo albums. However, scrapbooking is expensive. Seriously, have you checked out the sticker section of your local craft store lately?!

I am also a nostalgic person, so I love keeping track of the little moments in life, so scrapbooking seemed like a perfect hobby for me. But of course, the price and time commitment was always a deterrent.

Then I learned about smashbooks, and I knew I had to get in on that! So, this past weekend, I headed over to Michael’s and gathered my arsenal.


On the far left is this handy little pad of scrapbook paper I got. It has roughly 70 or so pages, and as you can see, they’re about a quarter the size of a regular sheet of paper, and will fit perfectly inside my notebook. This will reduce cutting, which is awesome, because let’s face it- finding motivation to not only cut down pieces of paper but then also to clean up the scraps? Please.

The middle, obviously, is the notebook!

And the right is my handy pencil pouch. It features a cool antique looking map of paris, and I got it off of Etsy a couple years ago. It’s the perfect size to fit everything I need for my smashbook while still being portable enough to throw in a backpack or purse. Portability and ease of use are key elements for smashbooking (new word?) so being able to have everything I need in one little pouch is crucial.

inside outside

Some detail shots of the notebook. Technically, I guess it’s a sketchbook, since it’s unlined and has slightly thicker pages. The outside is made of actual cork! It was simple and colorful, and wasn’t any specific theme, so this one won out over the solid colored ones, or the ones with elaborate designs.

Page samples from my scrapbook paper book! I love all the papers in it, they’re adorable. There were colors for every season, and like half of the pages were coated in glitter, so what’s not to love??? These three were some of my favorites.


And finally, the tools in my toolbox, err, pencil case! Some sharpie pens, a few highlighters, a black ink pen, white out, and most importantly, a cool double sided adhesive dispenser made for scrapbooking specifically. The most important part of this whole project is the pictures- duh! And this lil’ guy seemed like the easiest way to smash them in there.

There you have it- all the tools I gathered for my smashbook. I’ll try and keep yall updated when I actually start filling it with pictures. I’m so excited to start going on cute fall dates and documenting it all!

Have you ever started a smashbook? If so, any tips for cool but easy page spreads, or fun things to put in a smashbook? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “SmashBook Step One Complete: Gathering Supplies

    1. Yes, as soon as I start adding some photos in, I will definitely be sharing the outcome! And I can totally relate. So I’m excited to see how this goes, and if it’s as easy as it’s supposed to be, I’m excited to keep up with it!


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