Work Stress

Thursday night was my first night of real work, outside of training, at my new job! A month later, I am finally done. I’m a server at a popular Tex-Mex restaurant here in Houston, and the company I work for is known for having incredibly high standards for what the expect from their servers- it’s no Chili’s.

My first night on the floor went well- I started off with a two table section, and throughout the night I had three tables total. Not much, but it was a good start and easing into it like that has made it easier for me to work on getting comfortable working independently.

I didn’t make that much money, but that was to be expected with so few tables. And it’ll only get better from here!

However, besides my solid first night, I’ve been dealing with some work related stress. I checked my schedule, and I was scheduled for close to 40 hours for this week, and for next week, and the week after that! As a full time student, that nearly gave me a heart attack. When I got hired on, I told them I wanted to start with 20 and go from there. They’re start me with shifts that will most likely give me overtime, and I have no clue how it happened.

The manager who creates schedules for the servers only recently started doing server schedules so she’s still working out the kinks, and the other day when I spoke to her about it, she was sick and didn’t seem to be in a mood to talk about it. So it still hasn’t been changed yet.

Needless to say, every time I look at my schedule I freak out and die a little bit inside. Haha.

I plan on talking to our GM next time I work, and seeing if he can work something out with me. I don’t want to get burnt out and start falling behind in my classes, because making all A’s is imperative for me this semester, so I can keep paying for future semesters. School will always take priority over work, because I really don’t plan on being a server for forever. One day, it would be nice to actually be salaried! Haha.

Balancing school and work will never be easy or particularly fun in comparison to people who don’t have to, but in the long run, it’ll be personally rewarding for me. Plus, I’m all about financial independence, and I really want to move out by the summer if not earlier, and that won’t happen if I don’t work.

Just gotta put my big girl pants on a deal with it!

What stresses are you dealing with this week? Are you working and going to school- if so, how do you manage? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Work Stress

  1. Oh man…working and going to school is so tough. I work weekends and they’re starting to schedule me in the early morning (6 am or so) right after my night class that ends near 10 pm…..and I have three exams, a presentation and a report due next week and I’m also working. Can’t wait to graduate and be free!

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