September Goal: Progress

PlannerSeptemberMy September Goal was figuring out how to manage my time better.

At the beginning of the month, I was a couple of weeks into the new school year, I had just started training for my new job, and I was consistently hanging out with my boyfriend every day. Balancing it all was difficult, and I was on the verge of breakdowns almost every morning when I’d wake up for class, which resulted in my skipping a couple times- just because I needed a day off to catch my breath.

I’ve been working on that second half, stress management, and that’s still a work in progress, which I shall hopefully have a blog post up about soon. The first part, my dedicated goal, however, has been going really well!

I’m finally easing into a routine with school, and I’m getting a feel for when assignments are going to be due. Since I have Friday’s off of class, I usually use then to catch up on as much homework as I can, and finish the rest through the weekend first thing after I wake up.

I finished training at work, so I’ll start having to go in more, for actual shifts, but to start off with I’m only asking for 20 hours- which should be easy to manage.

I am in the process of working on how long I lay in bed. There’s a pretty strong relationship between how long I stay in bed, and how much stuff I get done that day. Pretty self explanatory- the longer I’m lazy the less productive I am when I do finally do things!

I just wanted to catch you guys up on that progress, and let you know it’s totally do able to get even a hectic schedule under control!

My main tools were: diligently writing in my planner, not laying in bed when I get home from class (if I do, it’s game over), working on homework first thing when I wake up on weekends instead of at night, and trying to prepare more for the next day by packing lunches, picking outfits, etc. 

Hopefully, one of these days I’ll have a super solid schedule which I can write about for you guys! And write about how I achieved it, and more importantly, stick to it.

What tricks do you find help you with productivity, even when you’re super busy? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “September Goal: Progress

  1. I have a planner that I would be lost without and I just try to stick to it as much as possible –I put goals, what I need to accomplish, and what I have planned. However, I allow some room for hiccups or just days where I need a break and that seems to lower some stress – bc it doesn’t have to be perfect! Keep on doing what you’re doing and I look forward for your results and future posts!
    🙂 Morgan

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    1. Planners are an actual godsend, I swear! I’m still getting used to being consistent with it, and more than just writing in it, but actually checking it. Thanks for the feedback, Morgan- I look forward to keeping y’all updated 🙂

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