Fall Fashion Inspiration

Okay, okay, it’s still like 90 degrees here in Houston, but a girl can dream. And right now I am definitely dreaming about boots and scarves and oversized sweaters! Soon, I will once again be dawning leggings and hats and deep wine and sage colors. I love fall, not only for the perfect weather and all the cute fall things that go along with the season, but because the colors of fall are amazing. As a super pale person, I look best in darker more muted colors, and the bright electric hues of summer have a tendency to wash me out.

Needles to say, Fall is my best friend.

Besides the chilly weather, the other thing I’m missing to full immerse myself in Fall is… the wardrobe! I definitely need to update it, and here’s some pictures I found on Pinterest that have me brimming with inspiration! I cannot wait for that first cold front to come in, and for money to start rolling in from my new job!

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