Vegan Chai Latte

Today, as I was cooking some quinoa for lunch, I just so happened to glance a brand new box of chai tea in our cabinet. Here in Houston, it’s not quite cozy fall weather yet, aka ideal weather to cuddle up with a book and some chai tea, but that didn’t stop me from craving some!


However, I wasn’t going to stop at just chai tea. I wanted to put on the works- a chai latte, sweetened and with a dash of milk! Who doesn’t love a good chai latte, am I right?

Since I knew I’d be mixing it with milk, I went ahead and threw two tea bags into the mug to start steeping with hot water. Using two teabags instead of one will make a stronger tea and that way it’ll maintain that chai flavor really well even when mixed with milk. I love my chai nice and strong- and spicy, which is why I do it this way. If you prefer yours more mellow, go ahead and make a regular cup of chai with one bag!


I have had about a half cup of leftover cold brew coffee (will be making a how-to post on cold brew very soon!) sitting in my fridge, so I wanted to try incorporating that to make it a dirty chai latte. However, I will go ahead and admit that I tasted the chai latte before I dirtied it up, and I preferred it without the added coffee. Had it been regular brewed coffee, or (in my dreams) actual espresso, it would have been better, I’m sure, but just by the nature of cold brewing coffee, it pulled in a lot of deep, chocolatey flavors. I love them in my coffee, but it did take away from the chai element a little!

So, the suggestion still stands to try adding coffee if you’d like, but I definitely do not recommend cold brewed coffee, unless you want a more mocha chai!


That strange container is the remnants of my cold brew, of which I only put a splash of into the chai!

While going to grab the granulated sugar to sweeten things up a bit, I also found that we have some raw sugar, as you can see! When I was little, I loved raw sugar. I would coat strawberries in it and eat them that way- not only did it have a nice flavor but it added a good crunch to the berry! As an adult, I can appreciate raw sugar for the fact that it’s just that- raw, and unrefined! It also has a much better flavor than white sugar, in my opinion. It’s hard to explain the difference, but it’s definitely more complex, in my opinion!

So I went ahead and put about a teaspoon and a half of raw sugar into the chai after removing the tea bags (I stepped for about five minutes, but make sure to taste it before you remove the bags- tea strength is all personal preference) and stirred it all up. Just the chai and raw sugar was delicious!


Next came the coconut milk. We buy the kind in a carton, because it’s seriously so cheap for what it is, and it’s a convenient size for us since no one in my family is a big milk drinker. I put a splash of coconut milk in the chai, again all to taste, and holy cow- it was so good! I regret adding that coffee at the last second there, because it really covered up the awesome flavors of the spices in the tea, and the raw sugar. You live and you learn, I guess!


My finished product, in a very old and very silly mug.

Hope yall enjoy your chai lattes!

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