Today Goals: Update

  1. Get out of bed before noon.
  2. Brush my teeth, wash my face and get dressed after waking.
  3. Make coffee, maybe even breakfast.
  4. Find a space to work on homework- at home, or at a coffee shop.
  5. Clean, or start cleaning my room.
  6. Do laundry
  7. Make time for sims maybe
  8. Prep for tomorrow- pick an outfit, make lunch
  9. If I’m feeling really ambitious, try and meal prep for lunch for a few days
  10. Hang out with Seth, and end the night peacefully***
  11. Write a quick blog post documenting how these goals went.

Whew. What a whirlwind day! I am ecstatic to say I accomplished every single thing I set out to do today.

My alarm didn’t go off (it was set for weekdays only- oops!) so unfortunately, I didn’t wake up as early as I was hoping, but I did still manage to wake up around 11! And I got out of bed shortly after, and didn’t waste a bunch of time on my phone. Check.

I brushed my teeth, my face, and actually got dressed! On weekends, I have a bad habit of forgetting to do these essential hygiene practices, gross I know, and I usually never even bother getting dressed unless I’m about to go out. But the act of getting out of my PJ’s, even though I just put on some workout pants and a t-shirt, really made me feel ready for the day! Check.

I didn’t make coffee or breakfast, but I made a chai latte and lunch! So, close enough. I actually posted a blog earlier about my chai latte discovery, and for lunch I made bulgar and quinoa with a olive oil, lime, cumin and paprika dressing. I also ate an apple. Check.

I ended up not going to a coffee shop to do my homework, and instead chose to clean off my desk in my bedroom to get it done. It worked like a charm, and I finished everything! I’m glad I stayed home, because it allowed me to get a lot of other stuff done. Check.

I was able to clean my room (I even vacuumed! What?!), while I was waiting to get hungry to make lunch, and I also did my laundry! For lunch, I threw in an extra serving of the bulgar stuff, so that I could use it for lunches later this week- also with that goal, I made a quick list of things I can bring for lunch this week. Check. Check. And check.

I went ahead and packed up the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, and I threw in a side of sliced up orange too. I also picked out an outfit for tomorrow. Check.

I starred my goal to hang out with Seth, because I’m writing this before he comes over! I imagine I will end the night very peacefully, since it’s only 6:30 and I am done with everything! I’m going to cozy up in my freshly made bed to play sims while waiting for him to come over. Check and check!

Today was the definition of a success! Compared to how terrible I was feeling yesterday, today was a literal 180! It’s amazing how much better I feel when I’m actually productive and getting things done. I even wrote a blog post earlier about my chai latte, complete with photos which I edited, and I wrote a post I’m going to publish later this week. It’s unreal how much Igot done today, especially considering how late I woke up!

This was the kind of day I needed to get my head sorted out, and get myself back on track!

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