5 Reasons I Love Blogging


We’re all here because, ideally, we all love blogging, right? But we all have our own reasons for loving blogging, too. Some of us, like myself, use it as an outlet to share about our lives, some use it to promote a business or a product they’re selling, some use it as a platform to dish out advice or review products, and I’m sure there’s a ton more ways to use blogs that I can’t even think of!

Personally, I think blogging is the future of literally everything. Marketing, advertising, communicating with your customers or clientele as a business owner or service provider, the go-to for recipes and DIY tutorials, everything!

But today I thought I’d share with you what drew me in to blogging, and the reasons why I do it. This past week, I was slacking a lot with blogging and it kinda took a seat on the back burner, unfortunately. I’m still struggling to find a balance between school, work, my social life and blogging. And it’s hard. Really hard. So I also wanted to make this post to remind myself why I do it!

  1. It keeps me accountable in theory. Haha! Obviously, I was slacking with blogging this past week, but just knowing that I wasn’t putting new content out there, in a way, did hold me accountable, and here I am again! You know how people say when you’re trying to accomplish a goal, make sure to tell a friend so you are less likely to give up and disappoint them? Well imagine that concept, but instead of one friend, it’s the whole internet! Obviously, the whole internet doesn’t read my blog, but just the idea that so many people could potentially stumble upon my posts (if I actually write them) is motivating in itself! With my blog theme, this means if I want new material to write about, I have to be doing and trying new things to better myself!
  2. I get to express myself with my writing. I love writing, and always have. Blogging gives me a creative outlet to work on my writing skills, and also let out my more whimsical side. I’m not very good at painting or drawing or poetry or any other creative things besides writing, but I love being creative, so having this blog allows me to share the one creative thing I’m good at with lots of people! Plus it’s fun!
  3. Reading other blogs and the blogging community as a whole. Wow! I freaking love the blogging community on the internet. So many awesome blogs. So many fun posts to read! Here on WordPress, I love checking out other small blogs like mine that are just getting started and encouraging them, and I also like looking at blogs that are a tiny bit bigger than mine to gain inspiration. You can also learn about basically anything you want via blogs and it’s written in a more personal way than a wikipedia article, so therefore more enjoyable. Plus, anytime I get a like or a comment, my heart gets super happy (hint hint 😉 ).
  4. It’s a good use of my time. I’m gonna be honest here- I am a busy college student with a job and a boyfriend. I’m also lazy and in a very committed relationship with Sims 4 and watching Lost on Netflix for the second time. If I didn’t have blogging, I would be way more likely to do nothing all day. Which is boring. And depressing. This goes hand in hand with my first note of accountability. However, blogging also gives me avenues to learn other things. Blogging has piqued my interest in learning photography, and potentially web design/graphic design one day!
  5. More than anything, it keeps me sane! All those first four reasons crammed together make up reason number 5- my sanity. In my opinion, that’s pretty important, no? Hehe. Writing is my therapy. Holding myself accountable to be trying new things and learning new things keeps me from going stir crazy! This blog is my space to do anything I want, and it’s all mine, and that, in itself, is very freeing.

And there you have it. My 5 Reasons I Love Blogging!

What are your reasons for loving blogging? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Love Blogging

  1. Cool post! I just finished watching Lost not too long ago, I got on the bandwagon a tad late I suppose but I loved the show nonetheless! Blogging also keeps me busy, I’m such a procrastinator that if I didn’t keep myself accountable by blogging than I’d always have the ‘ill do it tomorrow’ mentality 🙂

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    1. Yes! I didn’t watch it for the first time until maybe four years ago? So I was late too but ugh it’s so good! Haha. Procrastination always sounds so good, yet so bad, doesn’t it? Hehe 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


  2. I second this a million times over. Especially the one about the blogging community! It is amazing the incredible people (including you!) that I have met since I started my blogs. The community is so encouraging and uplifting and honest and I absolutely love it! 😀


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