September Goal

September Goal

We all know posting your monthly goals is a popular practice within lifestyle blogs, such as mine. Usually you post it at the beginning of the month, and you have a whole list of things you want to accomplish, but I’m notorious for always doing things subtly wrong. It’s my specialty.

Sure, it’s almost halfway through the month, and I’ve only got one goal, but it’s an important one.

I need to work on my time management.

It will be impossible to accomplish any of my other goals, like working on being consistent with blogging or learning photography, if I can’t make time in my schedule for them. That’s why I gotta start with this first. And you bet it’ll take a month’s worth of energy to accomplish it or to even attempt to accomplish it.

I’m a college student. We’re famous for being lazy, and sleeping in late, and Netflix and chill. Not the most productive group, yeah? I know I’m certainly not! However, I feel like I’m getting to that point in my life where I feel like I need to start getting things together, and putting everything in order. I’m no longer satisfied with being lazy, and taking the easy way out.

There’s so much I want to accomplish- I’ve had literally so many blog post ideas lately, I’ve been wanting to learn photography, and cook more, as a few examples. It’s hard to accomplish things though when in my free time I just watch Netflix or something else as equally unproductive. I’m working, I’m going to school, and I’ve got a guy in my life- all three of these things require a lot of time and attention. I’ve said that before, and I’ll say until it clicks in my head! My schedule is busy, there’s no way I can accomplish outside goals unless I make an effort to.

It hurts to say it, but I’ve been disappointed in myself lately. Which isn’t a fun feeling. I know I can do better, I’m just not living up to my potential. It’s the worst. That’s why for the duration of September, and probably for a while after too, I need to focus on my time management skills, until I get to a place I’m happy with.

A well known trick with goal setting is to break it down into smaller, more do-able tasks.

So here ya go.

My mini-goals to accomplish my big goal of Time Management.

  1. Keep up better with my planner.I love planners. I love making lists. I also love periodically forgetting about them, so they do me no good.. oops. I’ve been slacking with my planner lately, so I need to get back into the groove of that. I also need to make it a habit of looking at it daily. Because, again, if I don’t, it’s pointless.
  2. Try to not procrastinate homework as much. C’mon. It’ll still happen a little bit. But I can definitely work on how long i put things off. This is a pretty obvious one. Once you get all the boring stuff out of the way, it’s easier to find time for the stuff you want to do! Plus, unfinished homework or having to rush to meet a deadline is a big stressor for me when it comes to school.
  3.  Be more productive in my free time. Even if it’s something as simple as interacting with the wonderful people of WordPress, or pre-writing a blog, or listing out future blog post ideas, any of it’s better than Netflix or sitting mindlessly on my phone for hours!
  4. And easily the hardest one yet for me…. Actually getting out of bed when I wake up. I seriously love laying in bed. Love it. Love it. Love it. It’s bad. Very bad. Sometimes, I’ll wake up like an hour and a half or two hours before I have to leave in the morning for class, but I’ll lay in bed until I have only fifteen minutes to get ready! If I could only get out of bed earlier, I could use that time to put effort (for once) into looking nice for class, or doing homework, or blogging. This one will be tricky though. It’s a habit so ingrained in me, that it’ll take a looonng time to break it. Not even gonna lie, I could use all the help I can get on this one!

So there you have it. My mini-goals. Hopefully one day- probably not the end of September- I’ll reach that big ominous adult goal of having good time management. Hopefully.

What big goal is your main focus right now in your life? Any tips for any of my goals- especially getting out of bed?Leave me your thoughts! Let’s talk goals!

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