Learning the Lens

A fun fact about myself is that I love learning new things: new skills, new facts, new ways to do things. I also love self teaching myself these new things. Sometimes, yeah, it’s a little insane, I can admit that. I’ll tackle these crazy projects alone, when I should really have some help our guidance from someone who knows what they’re doing, but sometimes I can have a stubborn independent streak and insist on being a self-made woman.

To put into perspective how crazy I can get about this: when I was maybe twelve or so I tried teaching myself Italian. Yup. A whole new language. All on my own. With the help of the internet, of course.

You’ll be sure to see plenty of posts in the future documenting my escapades teaching myself things, or diving head first into a DIY project.

However, the skill I wanted to specifically talk about in this post is photography.

A pretty big part of blogging is the photos that accompany your words. For this reason, if I want to be taken serious in the blogging community, I need to take my own blog seriously, and that includes dedicating myself to learning how to enhance it, i.e. taking cool photos to communicate what I want to communicate to my readers! Plus, one day, I’d love to learn skills like web design, or basic graphic design, and also work in the media, so photography will be a useful thing for me to know.

I have been friends with countless people who titled themselves photographers, I dated a photographer for a while, sometimes I manage to make pretty Instagram photos, and I even own a fancy DSLR. I have had plenty of exposure to the world of photography and yet I have yet to take the leap to figure out what the heck I’m doing with it.

My little baby Nikon D5100, hanging out with my other baby- Macbook.

But I want that to change, right now. I want to teach myself photography, and I want to document that process with you guys, my readers. I want to share my photos with y’all- fair warning: they might suck at first. But every master was a novice at some point, right?

I currently have a Nikon D5100, with a basic kit lens.

With my preferred style of learning, I want to learn the why behind what I’m doing and how exactly it works. I took physics in high school and a semester of it in college last semester, so I know the basics behind how lenses work, and how photos are formed. But I want to learn all the technical terms- shutter speed, ISO, aperture- and how they really effect my end product.

I want to learn about different lenses and accessories which can enhance my photos. This is a goal I’ll have to work up to, obviously. I don’t want to go investing hundreds of dollars in camera equipment until I know for sure I will stick with it and enjoy it, and especially know if I actually need it and what the thing does!

I want to train my eye to see things in a different, more creative way. This would include lighting, color, framing a shot, and even posing and placing things exactly how I want them to sit. I want to work on making backdrops, and acquiring other props to make my photos really have a lot of character.

I want to try and make it a habit to carry a camera around more often than not. Again, I will never get better if I don’t practice, and I can only take so many photos of my bedroom and my little knick knacks until it starts getting old.

I want to work on my ability to make the images that I picture in my head come to life. This goes hand-in-hand with my other objectives, but it’s a more general, overall goal. I know good design. I can recognize a quality photo. I can come up with cool ideas for photos to correlate with various post ideas. But what I struggle with is making it happen, since I lack the skills, at this moment. I really admire Instagrammers and bloggers who have beautiful, clean photos, and there’s nothing I want more than to be one of those people!

I want to learn how to edit the photos I take. Editing is a big part of the finished product of a photo, because let’s face it, we do not live in a perfect world, and sometimes the sun just isn’t at the angle you want, or even worse, you’re in a place with awful fluorescents. No matter the problem, it’s always a good skill to have to know how to fix any issues like that! I’ve heard awesome things about Adobe Lightroom, which would probably be a good investment for the future, but in the meantime I think I’ll stick to free programs.

Writing all this down really helps build the excitement!! I cannot wait until I can be one of those photographers that I look up to and admire so much.

Now that all is said, and soon to hopefully done- do you have any tips for a beginning photographer? Any recommendations for resources, or settings to play around with, or free editing software?

4 thoughts on “Learning the Lens

  1. I’m not really much of a photography myself (don’t even own a DSLR), but there was one period where I had to do photography pieces for my art coursework, and at first I thought if I just read up all the manual functions first, I’ll be able to take good, manual photos straight away. Obviously…that didn’t happen lol. I ended up being frustrated instead because there were so much to adjust to and too little time I gave myself.
    Anyway, the point of all this rambling is basically give yourself time, and try to adjust bit by bit. Good luck, and don’t give up!
    I’m waiting for those awesome photos ;).


    1. Thank s for the tip! Yes, I tried messing around with manual settings once and it was so overwhelming I just turned the camera off! Lol. It’s hard for me to take baby steps sometimes but it’ll be soooo necessary with photography. Thanks for your comment! (:

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      1. Yup! Some people think that for photography anyone can pick it up and be a pro, but thats not true, it takes so much patience! I’m sure you can do it though :P.


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