In two days I will be starting school, again. Except on a totally new-to-me campus with a completely different schedule. I will no longer be living on campus, I’ll have a roughly hour-long commute every day to campus, and pretty soon I will be balancing all of that with a job as well. I still have no idea where any of my classes are actually located, I haven’t ordered any textbooks, and I still haven’t gotten my parking pass.

Needless to say, it’s been a pretty stressful end to my summer.

One thing is for certain, I have not been as organized as I usually like to be. And something that always helps when I’m feeling overwhelmed is lists. Yes, I’m one of those.

Overall, this blog is supposed to be a lifestyle/self-improvement blog, so here’s a crazy idea- how about a list of all the things I’d like to improve on and accomplish this semester? I love new beginnings, because they mean a clean slate, and maybe it’s all just a placebo effect, but I think I’m more productive when I have a definite beginning; new school year, new month, new year- they all really inspire me to do better!

So I have compiled a list of general goals I have for the next six months, or so. I plan to expand on all of these goals in the upcoming weeks, and the things I plan to do to achieve them.


  1. Manage my time well.
  2. Maintain good grades in school.
  3. Keep a healthy financial situation
  4. Work on being healthier, body and mind.
  5. Feed the important relationships in my life.
  6. Dedicate myself to hobbies I deem important, and also keep an open mind to new ones.
  7. Invest in myself and maintaining a clean, put together appearance.
  8. Always make an effort to learn new things
  9. Try and keep a consistent blogging schedule
  10. Ultimately, keep a healthy balance of school, work and my social life, all while still making time for myself and the things I need to do to work on myself.

These ten things are the bread and butter of my blog. As I get more momentum with this project, hopefully I’ll have more consistent posts coming out, and these topics are the general themes you’ll be seeing.

Writing things down for the whole world to see them has a way of holding people accountable, so let’s see how this goes.

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