Self Doubt and Challenging Yourself

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Self doubt is something I have always struggled with.

I figured this would be a good topic for one of my first real posts, because it’s something that has heavily effected my choice to (or not to) blog.

Blogging has always been something I was interested in. I always read articles on blogs, and would frequently admire the beautiful design and even more beautiful posts that these popular bloggers would write. For anything, be it recipes, DIY projects, or even life advice, I’d always go to blogs first as my source of information.

There’s just something so much more personal about them. And I’m a pretty personal gal. I’m one of those people who isn’t a fan of shallow conversations and small talk- I want the big talk. I want to really know people. Blogs are much more informative in that respect than say… because even something as simple as someone’s extra commentary on a recipe makes all the difference in the experience.

That was the one thing I didn’t doubt- my desire to one day have a successful blog, and to have the ability to connect with people through it.

Every time I tried to get the ball rolling though, I would stop dead in my tracks with excuses upon excuses- I’m not a good enough writer, my life isn’t interesting enough, I don’t know how to take good enough pictures. There was always something holding me back- that something was always myself.

Little did I know, blogging isn’t just something you do, it’s something you immerse yourself in and experience. It’s a journey- one where you’ll take plenty of wrong turns, but also plenty of right ones.

My internal self doubt and fear of failure ultimately hindered my goals. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy in a way. Something in me clicked though- whether it was inspiration from reading about other new bloggers figuring it all out, or the gentle support and push from the amazing guy in my life to go after what I really wanted, or my epiphany that I will never be perfect (for as hard as that is for me to accept) so I might as well embrace my imperfection. Perhaps it was a combination of the three, but regardless something in me changed and I knew I had to get started right away.

So here I am. Hi, hello, nice to meet you. I’m Cara and I’ve been around these parts before, but I think I’m finally here for good.

It’s a life lesson I cannot stress the importance of enough- stop doubting yourself and just go for it! 

I certainly need to put effort into practicing what I preach more often, but I’m working on it. I’m always working on it. And if I can do it, and accept that my blog is not going to be as amazing as, say, A Beautiful Mess, on just day three, then so can you.

Get out there. Do what you’ve been wanting to do. Challenge yourself. It’ll be okay. You’ll fail- I won’t sugar coat it. But that’s okay. Just repeat that over and over: it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Because it is. You’ll get better. The only way to improve is to learn from your mistakes. So go ahead, take a chance.

10 thoughts on “Self Doubt and Challenging Yourself

  1. I struggle with self-doubt as well. I’m really glad to know you here, though, and I think you have some great things to say. Also, if I was one of those other new bloggers who gave you that inspiration, I’m overjoyed that I had a positive impact. I’m looking forward to more!

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  2. Beautiful post <3. That is what I keep trying to tell myself as well. You get nowhere if you don't take the first step; you can't progress if you ignore the opportunities.


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